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    3. Welcome

      Established in 1993.J&C Lighting is a company which is professionally engaged in research.

      development and manufacture of premium lighting products.

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      LED BULB

      Direct replacement of incandescent with same body size
      Uniform lighting,360 degree lighting beam angle
      Clear and Forsted are available

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      Uniform lighting, no dark area
      Easy installation
      Body color available: rose gold / silver / grey/white...

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      It is an atmosphere light that can charge for mobile phone.
      The mushroom light can be used when front or back side placed.
      When back side placed, it can charge for mobile phone...

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      Today, our LED range has been extended to a complete family
      comprising multiple solutions. They can be used in Propagation,
      vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation, urban agriculture and so on...

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      Team & supports

      We make sure a product's impact on the environment is transparent.

      We were the first company in the lighting industry to publish environmental product declarations

      in compliance with the international ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards.

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