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    3. A professional manufactory
      and exporter in lighting
      source industry

      J&C Lighting is located in Hang Zhou Bin Jiang Hi-tech Industry
      Development Zone which is regarded as "Heaven Silicon Valley".

      Established in 1993.J&C Lighting is a company which is professionally
      engaged in research.development and manufacture of premium lighting products.

      After 20 years.
      operation and development.

      J&C Lighting has evolved into a latge global lighting enterprise which combines design.
      research & development.manufacture. sales as well as service.
      The scale of our products involves all series of the light source products.from general lighting to specialized lighing.
      from home lighting to landscape lighting.
      Our products are hot sold with excellent quality in more than 75 countries and regions.

      With the strong support from our clients and
      the devoted efforts from our team members,

      J&C has won a good credit in the lighting source industry since its establishing in 1993.
      We will keep improving on quality, technology, designing and service to meet our clients' demands.


      Today, more than 75 worldwide partners participate in J&C lighting.

      We have a well organized and experienced team, which handles each task and activities of the customers efficiently and
      with precision work. We have been acknowledged for our rich expertise in meeting with the clients demands and the credit goes to our team
      for acting in a positive manner, while making use of the best available resources to create value
      for our customers and offering them complete satisfaction.

      We are always ready to support you in
      one or more of the following fields:

      LED Lighting Design; Packing Design servies:
      We have good design department you can also use our brand J&C;

      Energy Saving Solutions;
      Lighting Decoration Systems satisfaction.